Why study Spanish?

An improvement at work, more pleasant trips, new friendships, finding the love of your life... Learning Spanish only has incredible advantages.

Visualize the planet earth, its five continents and the languages ​​spoken on them. Did you already do it? Great. You may have noticed that English and Chinese top the list and Spanish ranks high. According to the Cervantes Institute, a public institution created by Spain in 1991 to universally promote the teaching, study and use of Spanish and contribute to the dissemination of Hispanic cultures abroad, 591 million people speak Spanish in 2021, having grown a 70% in the last 30 years.


Speaking Spanish fluently will help you travel better around the world, create new personal and professional opportunities and discover a fascinating and charming culture.

If you are too lazy to take a course, or traditional courses simply do not motivate you enough and you like to take advantage of your time and make the most of it, then you will love the language immersion courses in Ibiza prepared with care and professionalism by Activa Spanish. Not only will you enjoy an unforgettable vacation, you will return home speaking Spanish and full of anecdotes to tell.

We leave you more information about these programs in this link: Activa Spanish

Are you ready for a new adventure? Learn and speak Spanish, your life could change for better.


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